MLB: Gordon Beckham, Tony Gywnn Jr. Are Good Sons


Watch Gordon Beckham’s walk-off home run from Sunday by clicking the image above. Becks has proved himself to be a welcome re-tread for the Sox and valuable in his new role as a role-playing utility guy.

Part of Beckham’s success story since coming back to the South Side after being traded to the Angels last Summer has been his clutch hitting and it has showcased on two important days — Father’s Day, which saw the extra-inning home run to salvage a series against Texas, and Mother’s Day, where Beckham got his groove on with an RBI single for all the fly Mamis.

Think of where the Sox would be without these two games stolen? Well…it wouldn’t make that much difference for the last-place Pale Hose, but for those devoted Sox fans who still see a turn-around on the horizon at US Cellular Field, games and rallies like those on Mothers Day and Fathers Day have to be encouraging on some level.

While they’re 10 games behind first-place Kansas City in the Central, the Sox are a manageable 6.5 behind Minnesota for the second wild card spot with those two starting a three-game series in Minneapolis tonight.

Jr. Gwynn Salute

A less-heralded walk-off in the immediate moment, Tony Gwynn Jr.’s game-winning hit for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs should actually go down as the best moment in baseball this Father’s Day.

Gwynn’s namesake, only one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, passed away a year and five days prior to Sunday. You know that Gwynn Sr. has to be on his son’s mind during Sunday and for him to come through as he did should make any baseball fan feel a little warmer today.

Gwynn Jr. has bounced around between the big leagues and the minors and its not known if he’ll make it back to the Show anytime soon, but his moment Sunday proved that he has more going for him than a good hit in the genetic lottery.

Previously: RIP, Tony Gwynn.

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