Watch: WWE’s Emotional Tribute to Dusty Rhodes

ICYMI, the WWE represented well with this pre-packaged video saluting one of professional wrestling (and later “sports entertainment’s”) true innovators and uniting figures.

Dusty Rhodes’ passing on Thursday sat right in the middle of the WWE’s typical weekly taping schedule, on one hand it caused an awkward period of time where it had to be wondered just how Dusty would be remembered with a special event (Money In the Bank) to come on Sunday and, as always, Monday Night Raw to follow.

In the end, wrestling fans got a loving and memorable tribute that encapsulated so much of the devotion to craft, unifying energy and “blue-eyed soul” that was so obvious to all wrestling fans who were touched by his legacy and his present work in helping mentor and direct new talents throughout the years in several promotions, most recently in WWE’s developmental NXT show.

The video above was played multiple times during the MITB broadcast and will likely be broadcast again tonight on USA, but that won’t be it, daddy — an extended special, “Dusty Rhodes: Celebrating the Dream” airs right after Raw on the WWE Network.

New subscribers can hop on the Network for free, we highly recommend taking advantage of access to the Network if you’re a Dusty fan and you haven’t already. Beyond tonight’s special, there’s this great list available on Reddit of in-ring segments and full matches available on the Network from Dusty’s career dating back to his legendary two headlining Starrcade matches with Ric Flair back in the mid-’80s.

Not on the list, but highly recommended is the WWE original production “Rivalries,” which has an episode on the entire Rhodes-Flair rivalry, which was truly one of the best ones ever and produced segments like the ones below (of course, YouTube is a healthy source of Dusty as well, but as always video quality and availability may fluctuate):

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