Watch: Starlin Castro’s Weekend of Walk-Offs

Now, who is still talking about trading this guy off?

Certainly, Starlin Castro — already a three-time all-star and not a year north of 25 —  is as valuable a commodity as the Chicago Cubs have, able to draw from a trade partner young pitching talent that could keep the club moving forward as competitors in the National League, but no one more consistently proves himself to be a vital member of the Cubs as Castro.

Real deal, Castro has made more memorable moments than any other current member of the team. You can’t let sentimentality get in the way of winning, but anyone invested in the Cubs’ rebuilding has to ask at this point — despite the wealth of young middle infielders the team has at the major and minor league levels, would any of them mean more to a potential future championship run than Castro?

Would anyone, from Addison Russell on down, provide a weekend like Castro did this past weekend, almost single-handily stealing 2 of 3 games from Cincinnati?

This weekend, by the way, showed just how different things are on the North Side at this point. The ever-powerful St. Louis Cardinals may have a stranglehold on the NL Central division title but the Cubs are way closer to that team than they could ever dream of at this point and they are right in the mix for a Wild Card playoff spot.

With eight walk-off wins the Cubs lead the MLB in thrills this season and they are only just beginning. Additions can always be made but you don’t shake up the core of something like this, not at this point, and Castro is embedded in what makes this club go.

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