We Got 5 On It: D & Davis Crew Breaks Down The Holiday Week That Was

Ron Schwane/AP Got to watch your calorie vs. liquor intake during weekends like this.

Ron Schwane/AP
Got to watch your calorie vs. liquor intake during weekends like this.

It’s been too long since the last D & Davis Show (May 16th to be exact). We would have blessed you again this past Saturday, but our studio is closed for holiday weekends, so with the extra time on our hands we D & D regulars threw together this post of hot takes at the last minute…enjoy!

On the real, stay with WARR online this week for more goodies and listen up for the newest episode of D & Davis coming this Saturday at 11 a.m. on Chicagoland Sports Radio.

  1. Name one thing about sports that amazed you this past week.

D, co-host: Kevin McHale not taking a timeout when Houston had a chance to win Game 2 in the Western Conference Finals. Bad coaching always amazes me.

Anthony Gill, technical producer: What amazed me this week was how different the playoffs look this year. Out of the final four teams only one star player has real championship experience in his role — Lebron James. So if he doesn’t win, we will possibly be looking at a new team occupying the “odds-on champion” category for a couple years going forward.

Jason Kaestner, host of “Spraying to All Fields”: Never having been much of a hockey guy, the endurance of those Blackhawks and Ducks players through all these overtime periods is amazing to me, they just kept making hits and taking shots. Speaking of shots, considering how much both teams have peppered the opposing goaltender, both Corey Crawford and Federik Andersen were among the most impressive athletes this week.

Ken Davis, co-host: Steph Curry’s ability to get his shot off — last year I thought he was the best point guard in the NBA, but his proven ability to shoot from anywhere on the court boggles my mind. Not saying I didn’t know, but we’ve never seen as small a player as Curry shoot from distance contested with the success level he has — he’s put in the work… genes helped though.

  1. Name one thing about sports that annoyed you this week.

D: The Cavs DESTROYING the Hawks throughout the ECF without Kyrie Irving playing much of a factor.

Anthony: I was annoyed by the way Steph’s kid was deemed a “distraction” to the playoffs. To me it’s a non-issue, but if I had to pick a side I would lean toward not having kids in the middle of press conferences…but again I DO NOT CARE WHATSOEVER!

Ken: Even more Deflategate discussion: I’m happy Robert Craft took one for “HIS” team (the owners.) but even being the NFL guy I am, I’m sick of hearing about it right now so far out of season. Secondly, yeah, Steph and his daughter — I get it as a writer you may not like rugrats at the mic but the whole issue told me nothing beyond that it was a soft debate week.

Kyle Means, co-executive producer: Definitely the issue of having kids play a role in NBA press conferences showed how little compelling storylines have come from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals series, but nothing was going to come from that argument anyway.

I lean towards Matthew Dellavedova, or as I call him Thom Yorke at the point — he’s going to keep playing hard, injuring folks and LeBron’s going to shield him from the media better than Riley Curry telling daddy to be quiet.

  1. Do you think the Bulls got shafted in any way with the postseason awards?

D: Nope, they rightfully won the “Disappointing Losers Of The Year” Award.

Jason: No. Please don’t remind me that Bulls exist until draft night. Thanks.

Ken: They were lucky Pau Gasol made the 2nd team. Jimmy Butler deserved Most Improved, so after Pau and Jimmy, what did they earn?

Kyle: Hard to say the Bulls were overlooked in anyway, plus Joakim Noah was recognized for his work in the community, which fortunately provides some perspective to counter the on-court disappointment.

  1. How fun was it to see the Knicks get the 4th pick in the lottery?

D: How fun? How about how opportunistic could this be for the Bulls! Pax, call your old coach and make something happen!


Jason: Not fun at all. I wanted see the Lakers and Knicks go back to back at the top this draft. It’s good for the Association when those heritage franchises are successful.

Sure it will be fun to watch Wiggins plus his new post-playing sidekick for years to come, but I would have preferred to see another star in another major market. Sorry, Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Ken: Kind of sucked, I’ve detested how Knicks fan’s have hated on Phil. Mind you, I wouldn’t have made him franchise president, but you all clapped when he did. Most talking heads at the time made the Tyson Chandler deal seem fine, I hated it, but you can’t go back and change your opinion when the honeymoon is over, just state you were wrong.

No Chandler, no reliable Melo — they had to tank and they got the No. 4 instead of No. 2. Oh, well —  D’Angelo Russell or Emanuel Mudiay is yours, if said player kills, then congrats.

Kyle: I base my emotional reaction of Knicks developments on how much fun Twitter has making fun of them. Twitter provided this and this (among many others), so I feel pretty good about the Knicks at No. 4.

  1. What’s one thing, sports or otherwise, that could happen this weekend that’ll make it the best Memorial Day weekend ever?

Jason: If we could go a whole holiday weekend without needing to memorialize anyone else — active military or civilian — then I’d feel like this was the greatest Memorial Day ever. Put the guns down everyone, and to quote D, “keep your hands to yourselves.”

Ken: Blackhawks winning in double OT was cool, Houston Rockets dying in Game 3 was funny. Chris Sale winning and a perfect game would have made this weekend the best, but that ‘cue I grilled yesterday didn’t hurt — I beat the ish out of it!

Kyle: I echo Jason’s statement in saying that the only thing that could have made this weekend perfect would have been a mortality-free weekend, but that dream was done away with before sunrise Saturday.

Whatever blessing I gained in being able to enjoy more great times with my fam and in gaining more time to rest with Monday off gets undercut somewhat by knowing that so many were put through a crucible of violence again just cause the opportunity arose. This is not the stuff that holidays are made of, this is not the stuff that communities are made of. We got to do better this summer.

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