Watch: Inside The NBA’s Already Classic Lip Sync Battle In Its Entirety

When you think about it, there hasn’t been too many classic television moments that started after midnight, not many that you can admit watching to your family at least. TNT’s Inside the NBA bucks that belief with regularity, especially with their big stunts during playoff time.

In the past it was about Shaq and Chuck facing off (and the rest of us covering our faces) or the entire cast running through the tape. Last night, though, topped all previous “Inside” stunts. So much was right, wrong and rightfully wrong about this whole exhibition of lip sync skills, all we can say is watch if you haven’t already and Lord please never let this be taken from YouTube (even if it is, take this back-up with ya).

Much like a great cover record, this segment is gonna make people forget overall that the “Inside” gang was aping an already popular show. The greats can take any tune and make it their own, even when they aren’t really singing.

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