2015 NFL Draft: WARR Counseling On Bears Options at No. 7

Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press Alabama's Armani Cooper comes with well-established big-play skills and would be a dream pick for the Bears in tonight's first round.

Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press
Alabama’s Amari Cooper comes with well-established big-play skills and would be a dream pick for the Bears in tonight’s first round.

In this very special edition of the NFL Draft for the city of Chicago, it makes plenty of sense that our beloved franchise, one of the National Football League’s charter clubs, is playing a prime role in the proceedings for opening night.

Roll out the gold carpets and wind-fortified cat-walks, its time to gamble on college talent! And damned if the Chicago Bears aren’t gonna get their cut (or go out like suckers…based on the history, its kind of a 50/50 chance of each happening).

Even if the Bears crap out at No. 7 (No 11…) it’ll still be years before we can say that with certainty. Tonight, on this night, its all about promise…and fun…and Draft Town. The Second City has allowed itself to be co-opted by the NFL for the better of its Spring Formal of picks and trades and hyperbole. Just as the downtown forestry has been taken over by sponsored attractions, so should Chicago be taken over by optimism.

The options are many, the leadership is fresh and new and the number is favored by God (Peace to the Gods). In spite of the troubles that led to the Bears acquiring a top-10 pick and the road closures that will make driving in the Loop even more like a shiv to the kidneys this weekend, this is a good day to be a Chicago Bears fan and a good day to love the sport of football in this city.

Could the Bears make it an even better day? Lets get some words from the experts here at We Are Regal Radio on what directions can be taken to bring in the newest Monster of the Midway.

The ideal Bears draft pick:

Demonze Spruiel (D & Davis Show): A fast, nasty, sack master defensive end (Leonard Williams?). I have no faith in Jared Allen or any of the defensive ends on the Bears roster but a young DE can change the Bears struggling defense for years to come.

Joe “Champ” Tanksley (The Varsity Show): That answer is simple — one that isn’t a bust. We’ve been hearing so much in during the off-season about all of the holes the Bears have to fill (mostly on defense) and the list of the candidates that are worthy of the seventh overall pick.

It is my hope that general manager Ryan Pace and coach John Fox can come together and get the best football player available, one that is NFL and ready to make an impact like we expect from first and second round picks. The Bears in previous years have had so many bad football/draft decisions that have landed them in this position.

My hope is that they don’t outsmart themselves, use all the tools/metrics they at their disposal and draft a real-deal football player, not a project or one these freak athletes whose skills don’t translate on the gridiron, just draft a football player that will make difference for the next several seasons.

Kyle Means (WARR.com Editorial Director): Ideally, the Bears will pick up Leonard Williams at No. 7. Many have him as the top overall talent in the draft and building a tough and aggressive defensive line has been proven to make pretenders into contenders and contenders into Super Bowl winners in the NFL today. The Bears have to begin to make opponents fear their defense again, Williams will go a long way in making that happen.

The expected Bears draft pick:

Demonze: With the No. 7 pick the Chicago Bears will take Amari Cooper, wide receiver from the University of Alabama. The Bears off-season moves have primary been on the defensive side of the ball and trading Brandon Marshall to the Jets opens the door for a new wide receiver to be added to the roster. Plus the kid sure can run some routes!

Champ: Early on in the process, most experts pegged the Bears to go defense with this pick, but lately that trend has turned.

I recall a conversation that I had with (Ken) Davis where we discussed the possibilities of the Bears going with an offensive player rather than defense in this draft and it seems like that is the case now. The Bears have made of number of respectable free-agent signings on the defensive side of the ball with the likes of Sam Acho, Pernell McPhee, Antrel Rolle and Ray McDonald (McDonald excluded from being respectable, but he can play some football in spite of his off-field troubles) that have given the Bears more room to explore the offensive side of the ball.

That is why my expected pick for the Bears is either Amari Cooper or Kevin White, preferably Cooper. Those two players have each shown the ability to break games open with their speed and athleticism. Last year the Bears’ offense was too predictable and they lacked a player able to threaten defenses down field, we can’t be quite certain of Alshon Jeffrey’s potential without Brandon Marshall on the opposite side of him will be minus the Marshall, so acquiring a compliment to Air Alshon will help the team tremendously.

Means: West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White will likely be available at seven, unlike Cooper, who stands to be taken by Oakland if not the New York Jets, or Williams, who could be a target for anyone past Jacksonville at No. 3. White would be a slight consolation prize in comparison to Cooper but he still would be a great building piece, a welcome pairing with Alshon Jeffrey and a solid proof that Chicago’s football team still wants to field a modern and effective passing offense.

The ideal Bears back-door maneuver:

Demonze: The Bears need to fill a lot of holes on their roster. A nice move would be to trade the No. 7 pick to grab more draft picks. I have no faith in this move but I think it would be very smart. Let’s see what happens.

Champ: Doggystyle… sorry wrong forum for that. The Bears are in a unique and safe position in this draft, having so many holes to fill to the point where it is a 50/50 shot as to whether the team will pick offense or defense.

This gives them a great opportunity to trade down and acquire more picks. If Pace is able to navigate the draft and allow himself to acquire more picks and still get a player he wants in the first round in his first year on the job, that would be an ideal and very shrewd way to start his run here and those are two qualities that have been lacking in the Bears’ decision making for a long time.

Means: Spread love… it’s the NO way. Trying to help both his old and new team, Ryan Pace can offer the No. 7 pick and Martellus Bennett to the now Jimmy Graham-less Saints for both their first-rounders (No. 13, No. 31) and whatever mid to late picks they’d need to make it happen.

Friend of WARR, Robert Klemko, has Louisville WR Devante Parker being picked up at 13, he can be the Bears’ and then the team could do whatever at the later pick (RB, edge rusher, nose tackle, whatever) and still be picking up a top-five talent at their position. Lets make Day 1 of the Chicago draft one to truly remember, Halas Hall.

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