2015 NFL Draft: Kevin White Is Newest Bears Weapon, Selected At No. 7

The highlight reel is called “Too Easy” and it doesn’t take long into the 8 minutes, 11 seconds of clips from an amazing senior season of college football for Chicago Bears fans to feel that things won’t be so hard for the offense even in the wake of losing Brandon Marshall.

Falling into the laps of the 2015 NFL Draft hosts at No. 7, Kevin White has the sort of talent to make guys with “triumph” on their jerseys look sadly mistaken (check the Maryland highlights for that proof). Speed to bring the YAC numbers up in bundles, height to make just about any jump ball go in his favor, route running skills to provide the kind of crease to keep him in stride for 40 yards at a time.

No wonder White had the best 40 time at the NFL combine, he’s used to running that far on any given play. Once again, the Marshall trade wasn’t that bad. It didn’t happen at once but the Bears are now considerably younger and not discerningly less talented at the wide receiver position.

So there’s that…of course, White has his flaws, for one being that he’s still young and he still thinks challenges can be done away with with the simple mantra of “easy…” you can tell he hasn’t stepped one foot in Halas Hall yet.

There’s other more technical issues that I’ll leave the likes of Jon Gruden to highlight, but it would seem that a guy who’s excelled as much as White has in just over three years of organized football play can be coach-able to say the least. Some may classify him as a one-season wonder, but, he may also be *gasp* a natural.

Maybe the rook can make the “easy” mantra spread through a team whose made things way harder than they had to be in recent years. If so, that’s just one more reason to crack a smile when thinking about this selection. If not, then do yourself a favor and look at the YouTube again.

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Remaining Bears Picks

Second round: 39th overall selection

Third round: 71st overall selection

Fourth round: 106th overall selection

Fifth round: 142nd overall selection

Sixth round: 182nd overall selection

Seventh round: No selection. Pick sent to New York Jets in exchange for their fifth-round pick as part of Brandon Marshall trade.

Credit: ESPN.com

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