Watch: Brent Seabrook’s Game Winner Gives Hawks Series Control

Brent Seabrook adds to his already storied history of playoff magic with this definitive slapper that cut into the hearts of the Nashville Predators mercifully, ending this 3-2 game with less than a minute into the third overtime of Tuesday/early Wednesday’s Game 4, the fifth overtime period this series has already saw.

A factoid like that would suggest an ultimately competitive series but the Chicago Blackhawks are in complete control. In many ways the Predators have played the perfect first round foil for the Hawks — more like a simulation of a playoff equal, one who can set forth certain challenge settings (“down 3-0,” “must pull starting goalie,” “engage double OT,” “engage TRIPLE OT,” etc.) without actually having the goods to outlast such a playoff-tested team like Chicago’s.

It seems the NHL wants to challenge fans — hardcore and fair-weathered — in a similar way as well. Why in the hell was this game ending past the time that the 10 pm newscast re-airings signed off? This game was just going in the first OT after 12 am Wednesday morning. Honestly, if Charles Barkley hadn’t mentioned it on “Inside The NBA,” I wouldn’t have even thought to check the online game tracker prior to going to sleep minutes later.

It’s honestly ridiculous that two teams based in the central time zone even started a game that stood a chance to play after 11 pm. (Game 4 and Game 5 both have first face-offs scheduled for 8:30 p.m.).

Hey, NHL, if you want people who are normally about basketball and baseball in the spring to pay full attention to your sport too, don’t be scared to put your showcase teams on at a decent time of the evening. No, I’m not going to watch from siren to siren, but I don’t even do that for the Bulls (best believe I saw Randy Orton RKO Seth Rollins in the steel cage in real time on Monday night).

The TV clicker was invented for us omnipresent sports fans who don’t mind indulging in as much as possible during seasons like this — if you give us games like Hawks/Preds Game 4 best believe we’ll find our way to you. And know that its so much better to do so before 10 pm.

Don’t make us choose sleep over game-winning goals cause every workday sleep is going to win, then the next morning its YouTube for the win.

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