Bears: View Entire 2015 Preseason/Regular Season Schedule


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Take a look: the Chicago Bears’ 2015 regular-season schedule, released Tuesday evening, provides just as many compelling games as usual (but maybe a few less compelling for prime-time than typical) given that the Midway Monsters will have to prove themselves in large part against the competitive western divisions of the NFC and AFC.

And you know what AFC west battles mean? Yes, new Bears coach John Fox faces his old squad, Denver, in his first season since separating from that missed opportunity to take over the Lake Forest Reclamation Project. The NFL always seems to know how to schedule these sorts of natural story-driven matches right after important off-season moves.

That Week 11 contest, though, is only the dressing for the big Turducken of a match-up to come only four days later on Thanksgiving evening against the Packers, a game that was being touted hours before the official schedule release and that is being reported to feature the jersey retirement of former expert Bears tormentor Brett Favre.

Better get all your turkey digested before 7:30 Thanksgiving night, cause given recent results in this supposed “rivalry” (and in prime time on NBC, no less — it’s like they want to embarrass anyone who even thinks of rooting for the Bears) its likely by 8:00 you’re going to want to call Earl (and we don’t mean Bennett).

We’ll have more on the Bears schedule coming up on, but don’t expect much, its going to be another tough slough regardless. Here’s another look at the entire schedule, including preseason games, with ticket info.

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