Blackhawks: Expect More Scott Darling In Game 4

Scott Darling

Scott Darling

via Chicago Sun-Times: Scott Darling will start in net for the Blackhawks in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series with the Nashville Predators on Tuesday night, his second straight start after Corey Crawford gave up nine goals in four periods over the first two games.

Darling made 35 saves in a 4-2 win in Game 3.

Good news for those who don’t trust Corey Crawford. As the Hawks look to take certain control of their series with the Predators, coach Joel Quenneville chooses to play the “momma didn’t raise no fool” card and go with his obvious hot hand in goal.

For whatever reason, Darling — playing in his first postseason — has maintained his cool even though he was essentially placed as a last resort since his entering Game 1 on hostile road ice with a 3-0 deficit, a final respite for a Stanley Cup hopeful who has to know how damned close it is to being in a 3-0 hole right now.

If not damned close to 0-3, the Hawks very realistically should be down 2-1 — Darling is the only reason they are not after his brilliant play Sunday. There was no other way for the team to go. You can’t say this is a sea change in the team’s goaltender philosophy yet, but it is noticeable. All eyes are gonna be on the rook this Tuesday, and you have to figure as he gets more used to that we’ve yet to even see his playoff best.

Stay with WARR for more previewing this crucial Game 4 from our Hawks/NHL expert Sidney Brown prior to Tuesday’s first face-off.

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