NCAA Basketball: The Day in March Madness (3/22/15)

ed. — Last year’s daily preview post is now a daily wrap-up post as we look back on what made each crazy day special during this most wonderful and unexplainable sports time of the year. 

The Sweet 16 has been set and…I’m not completely sure how I feel about it yet beyond mere generalities that you can apply to each year — “these couple teams are hot, but watch out for these teams… man, that guy has really come to play this March and that coach over there. Shoot, you always got to worry about one of his teams…”

And so on.

You’ll get a more earnest look at the second week tournament landscape later this week, but today is gonna be reserved for a revelation that I’m absolutely not ambivalent towards: tournament team emojis! Specifically, those created by whatever wizards the Washington Post requisitioned for this wonderful task.

In short, the Post, knowing that people don’t like to use words anymore (I’m fighting everyday the urge to convert this whole website into emoji form, still not enough emojis of color…) designed delightful little facial expressions representing all 68 tournament teams and even several of those who didn’t quite make it (thus the University of Illinois even gets representation).

You can save the emojis to your phone, apparently and send them out to brag or express your utter despair at losing your season on a fake-ass goaltending call (of which this one would be useful). You may have also seen some of the images already on your social media app of choice, entepid tweeter Tyler Lauletta even made out a bracket with the emojis. Lauletta has the somewhat cute Badgers emoji winning the national championship over the more wacky than endearing Duke emoji.

This makes for a beautiful way to screw-off a bracket in the case that you don’t want to invest to much into winning a challenge or if you’d rather just judge teams by how much you’d want to snuggle with their mascot instead of their defensive efficiency rating (in that case, Cincinatti wins by a mile, that kitty looks like it wants to play all day…). A dark horse contender for the kid in us all would have to be the fire-breathing emoji for UAB.

Yeah, it’d be a nicer world if Manhattan’s grumpy middle-aged borough resident who got a temporary tattoo they instantly regretted could have went further into the tourney, a fairer world if Stanford even made it this year and we could all get more mileage off their tree that’s obviously tripping off DMT or some such substance, but we’re left with what we’re left with. And honestly some of the matchups are pretty cute nonetheless.

Maybe now that the tournament can be expressed in emojis we’re that much closer to that nicer, fairer world we all deserve.

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