Watch: MJ’s First Return To Basketball, 20 Years Later

First came the fax, then came the titles, then came the less heralded return with that other team… but then came the Jay-Z line and that brought on the hashtag which the League has so cooly used on this anniversary day:

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March 19, 1995….#MJBack #wearingthe45

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“It aint to play games with you/it’s to maim you…”

Rarely did he miss, but even when he did it he missed with purpose.

Jordan didn’t win on this day 20 years ago but the message was made clear, that’s why every thing else that happened went down the way it did and why for any Bulls fan an “L” to the bitter rival Pacers couldn’t have felt any fresher — we were whole again. A nice feeling if you can get it and a lesson that came far before Derrick Rose hurt either of his knees.

I’m Back!’: Untold Tales of Michael Jordan’s 1st Return to the NBA 20 Years Ago (Bleacher Report)

Back for the First Time: Remembering Michael Jordan’s Bulls Comeback, 20 Years Later (Triangle Offense)

Scottie Pippen dishes on Michael Jordan’s first return to the NBA (

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