Free Agency Eve in NFL, Bulls Struggle Through Weekend & More on D & Davis Tonight

Tonight on D & Davis Tonight on Know1Radio the guys dive back into the latest NFL moves, including big contracts that are about to be signed by the likes of Ndamukong Suh and Devin McCourty.

Do the Chicago Bears have any tricks up their sleeves on the eve of the opening of the free agency market? D & D will let you know the latest.

Plus, the Bulls are back in the dumps after a losing weekend — what can they do to turn things around? Whatever it is will need to be done quick with Memphis in town tonight.

Also, the latest “Mondays With Means” with Regal Radio Editorial Director Kyle Means will let off some shots at the racist frat at Oklahoma and whatever else angers up the blood this week.

Tune in and listen live at or download the Live 365 App and search for Know1 Radio.

Listen every Monday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm and dial 312-291-9953 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow. Also, check out re-airings on and subscribe to the show on iTunes for D and Davis and all other Regal programs on demand.


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