Alec Baldwin, Chance the Rapper Bridging Gaps With Poetry Rap

Certainly the most entertaining piece of social media business from the weekend, this emanated from the Young Chicago Authors’ big fundraising event coinciding with Louder Than A Bomb’s 15th Anniversary.

The impromptu performance of Carl Sandberg’s poem “Chicago,” from the New York-centric acting grump and routine SNL host and the current ‘Go Ill. rapper of the moment who himself is on the verge of becoming America’s hip-hop sweetheart was quite inspired and the duo seemed to evoke the kind of chemistry with each other that Baldwin typically has with Tina Fey and Chance has with Vic Mensa.

Seeing such a radical combination paying off so well for those of us that are both into Broadway Video and Save Money made this site think of a few other idiosyncratic Chicago rapper/middle-age performer combos.

Chief Keef/Sean Penn — Regardless of who wins their inevitable fight, I just want to see the two whoop the shit out of each other. Word to Melissa Harris-Perry.

Lupe Fiasco/Louis C.K. — Two uncompromising artistic types whose work can help provoke all sorts of think pieces. Lu would fit well as an unfortunate boyfriend choice for CK’s black baby mama on “Louie” who fills his white daughters with all sort of cute Nationalist rhetoric.

Common/Will Smith — Safe rapper turnt actor turn up! It seems Denzel may still want to do the Uptown Saturday Night remake, but I could see these two in the lead roles. Or maybe Com can thin out his facial hair and play Geechie Dan.

Kanye West/Benedict Cumberbatch — Ye is nothing if not obsessed with Europe so at some point he has to be put in contact with one of film’s most respected actors with the most impossibly English name outside of a Harry Potter page.

Reports have Kanye still interested in the movie-making thing so maybe Cumberbatch could find a role in his experimental biopic of Louise Wilson. Plus, given his relationship with APC, saying “colored” around Yeezus shouldn’t be a problem.

Credit: Okayplayer

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