Why People Start Blogs & Three Reasons To Start Your Own BLOG!

From a friend of WARR and a young journalist to look out for.

William Brooks


Post was previously posted to my LinkedIN Profile and can still be found there.

Blogging was not just something that I stumbled across and started doing. When it came down to blogging, it was a matter of when I wanted to start and what did I want to blog about. When blogging you’ll always find yourself pondering questions such as, “am I wasting my time,” or “is anybody even going to read this crap?”

Well, throw those two questions out of your head right now.

Blogging should be stress free, after all it’s done mostly in the comfort of your own home whenever you have some “me” time. Worrying over those questions would just add stress and strain to some.

Another stress can be over what you may be blogging about, but believe it or not many people use blogs to do any of the following:

  • To Help Others…

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