Watch: Anthony Davis Drops Long-Range Game Winner Over OKC

You done did it again, Chicago.

Sure, the NBA team that bears your name is strugga-ling right now, leadership possibly tearing at the seams and dumb trades sounding more and more promising, but your individual products are still state of the art.

There may be no better model of NBA engineering right now than Anthony Davis, who with 41 points and his only 3-pointer so far this season downed the ever-explosive Oklahoma City Thunder Friday night in a 116-113 shootout.

Take into account Davis’s career-high averages right now in points per game (24.9) and rebounds (10.4), the fact that he was given about a half a million more all-star votes than any other big man in the Western Conference and that he’s the main factor in his flock of thin birds possibly making their first postseason as a unit and you see a generation-defining talent taking shape.

Once upon a time Davis was flightless, bespectacled and unknown at an unknown city school, actually you can’t say “once upon a time” in that regard, it was only six years ago. He’s 21 now. 21. And he’s just learning that he can hit threes on top of scoring at will in the paint and altering any shot that comes within 3 or 4 feet of him.


D-Rose is less than inspiring right now, Jabari is in traction and Jahlil is still under Coach K’s control as of this moment, but as far as the present and future is concerned there’s one train from the ‘Go that’s right on schedule. Enjoy him while he’s at your station, New Orleans, cause nothing is derailing the Unibrow Express any time soon.

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