Wildness Ripped From The Headlines On D & Davis Tonight

Tonight you’ll get a mixed bag on D & Davis Tonight on Know1Radio, with plenty of nuts in the mix, our hosts withstanding.

D & D will delve into the harrowing (and some say questionable) story that emerged this week about former Miami Dolphin Rob Konrad and his as-many-as 27 hours spent at sea after falling overboard his boat. You don’t want to miss this breakdown.

Also, NASCAR star Kurt Busch may have dated a lady assassin (no Kill Bill), the Cavaliers welcome back LeBron (but can he stop the sinking?), should new Ohio State legend Cardale Jones go pro?… and, uh, speak for yourself, Naya Rivera.

Plus, the guys will continue to look over the Chicago Bears’ coaching search and they’ll welcome friend of the show, Scoop B, Brandon Robinson back on at 6:30 to talk about his latest adventures in the NYC.

Listen to D and Davis Tonight every Monday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm on Know1Radio.com and dial 312-291-9953 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow, please use the hashtag #D&DavisTonight & #Know1Radio if you want to tweet us.

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