Entertainment: Common, Gina Rodriguez and More Represent Chicago at Golden Globes

No doubt the coolest moment at Sunday’s Golden Globes for Chicagoans was the winning of best original song to the tune “Glory” from the movie Selma, written and performed by John Legend and the Chi’s own Common with a writing assist from another of our city’s rap legends, Rhymefest.

In “Glory” we get a wonderful example of the soul and consciousness that comes everyday from brothers in our city and is amplified through so many of our most famous representative like Com and ‘Fest.

Common made sure to utilize the grand, nationally televised stage he was on to spit some earnest bars and he may have been deserving from a few jabs (Legend had to have been getting antsy regarding mic time) but he did his thing like always and provided a lasting memory for fans of his and hip-hop and most importantly of the great movie they made the song for.

A lot of folks are disappointed that Selma didn’t gain any other awards beyond best song. It definitely is disappointing if you anticipated the film and have already been out to support. Personally, I find it hard to believe another film will move me this year like Selma did but I’m also willing to reserve judgment on it in relation to the other films in the awards hunt, chief among them being Boyhood, last night’s big winner, because, really what else can you do.


For years films like Selma couldn’t even stand to be made anywhere in the Hollywood system — its existence and its excellent execution is an award in and of itself. To say that any film is the absolute best of 2014 is a subjective belief, to say that Selma is a great film that will stand the test of time and inform, educate and instill empathy in many for years to come is much more of an objective truth.

Go out and see it if you haven’t and lets make it the No. 1 movie in America this Martin Luther King Jr. birthday weekend, you can’t possibly want to see Taken 3 again.

Another great look for Chicago was Humboldt Park’s own Gina Rodriguez winning best actress in a TV comedy. The lovely and talented Rodriguez has earned critical praise since the fall premiere of the new CW show Jane The Virgin and her win Sunday marked a historical moment for that network and for Latinas everywhere. We should all be so lucky to come across a girl like her at the corner of North and California.

Also, Jane The Virgin gets the stamp of approval from our very own D of D & Davis.

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Got to show love too to Jill Soloway, creator of the show Transparent, which won for best comedy. Transparent has been talked about as a daring, innovative look at a family dealing with its father figure revealing herself to be transgendered in middle age, Soloway — a graduate of Chicago Public Schools’ Lane Tech — drew upon her own experience with her own transitioning parent. The show also is the first produced by Amazon.com to win a major artistic award.

Jill Soloway of ‘Transparent,’ a Lane Tech Grad, Grabs Golden Globe (DNAInfo Chicago)

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