TV: Reliving “The Wire” With Weekend Marathon

LOL. Omar laughing because he's jacking you of your holiday weekend.

LOL. Omar laughing because he’s jacking you of your holiday weekend.

Hope your holidays have been peaceful and full of love and all that, but this holiday weekend has been only about two things — Temecula and The Wire.

While the former is worth more words than the brief mention being given here (the Twitter showdown was far more entertaining than all five NBA Christmas Day games), 1,000 attempted fades over basketball statistics couldn’t hold a candle to the brilliance that was HBO’s The Wire. To take in the many salutes and re-awoken memories fans of the show have offered online this weekend, no form of entertainment ever will:

This tweet gets to the heart of what its been like to view Twitter this weekend as the all-day marathons of all five seasons of the show unfold, starting on the 26th and extending to the 30th. Much like other recent lightning rod shows like Chappelle’s Show and The Sopranos, The Wire came and went prior to the institution of watching shows devotedly while also simultaneously talking about them on social media.

With its involving storylines and a fanbase that has always been thoughtful, if not very large, it’d be hard to not see The Wire existing as a movement within a movement on social media had it aired today or if Twitter came along a decade earlier.

As it is, we’ve still gotten some great stuff out of this weekend, which opens up a new era for the show. The Wire marathon comes about due to the show’s complete conversion from standard definition to high definition.

Don’t expect me to break that down any further than positing that HBO thought it wise to make the show look better for the default modes of television today, either on its networks (HBO Signature is broadcasting the marathon and HBO Go will feature the show in HD available for streaming), online and in Blu-Ray form, which is expected to hit retailers within the next year.

As the clip above shows, this moment comes with a little bit of a delay (the HD re-airings were originally scheduled for this past September) but still this makes for a great time to come on in and visit the show for the first time or to re-visit it, which I have done in its entirety via DVD at least once a year over most of the past several. That’s only to say that my saltiness of not having HBO in my current cable package is limited…but its still there. Plus, HBO Go will be made available to the masses within the next year as well.

Any chance to take in The Wire and appreciate it with fans across the globe should be appreciated, if for no other reason than the great insights one can get from other folks who take the show seriously and with insight, such as musician Phonte of The Foreign Exchange. and formally of Little Brother, and his brilliant comparison of each five Wire seasons to each of the five albums produced by A Tribe Called Quest.

The Wire begs for context, it pleads for you to think and it invites you to question not only how society is structured but question how you could have ever accepted its structure. In so many words, it is prime for think-pieces and discussions that hijack timelines … or to simply reminisce. More than just about any other show, once you get into The Wire you won’t find yourself getting out anytime soon.

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