Fantasy Football: Unlikely Finalists Make WARRFFL Title Hard to Call

Jason Kaestner has held us down throughout the football season with his takes on being a first-time fantasy owner and the ups and downs he came across in Regal Radio’s competitive league, the WARRFFL.

We’d hear from him again this week, but Jason didn’t make the promised land that is the WARRFFL final. Who did? Kevin Luchansky’s Hurryin’ Hoosiers (9-5) and Sidney Brown, who was the only owner in the league who couldn’t think of a name for some reason (8-6).

Both men acquitted themselves well in the league, especially Luchansky, who also is a WARRFFL first-timer. This match is one that highlights our league’s true sense of parody, Commissioner Goddell would be proud (makes me rethink this whole endeavor…).

Both finalists beat higher seeds in the playoff semifinals and in Sid’s case he beat a team (Fist of Fury) who beat him twice in the regular season. Hear from each finalist on the brink of this most important, somewhat athletic (actually, not at all athletic) endeavor. — ed./Commish/Black Unicorns 4-Ever

Kevin: On the eve of this WARR Fantasy Football championship, I have so many people I need to thank that I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost, I’d like to thank the head coaches for playing my guys during the fourth quarters of games they had already locked up knowing that the Hurryin’ Hoosiers still needed a good chunk of yards and a touchdown to get their W.

I also want to thank the players for their incredible talents — namely Matt Ryan, Demaryius Thomas and Arian Foster — for without their talents, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be the (great?) team owner that I am today. And I can’t leave out the welcome surprise rookie campaign from my favorite LSU Tiger, Odell Beckham, Jr. What a great in-season addition he’s been to my aging squad.

Lastly, I want to thank the Fantasy Gods for some incredible auto-pick draft magic. Hey, sometimes you’re good, and sometimes you’re lucky. A wise man once told me its better to be lucky than good.

As I look ahead to the weekend matchup, I can only hope the good Matty Ice shows up, a healthy Arian Foster runs wild and newcomer Tre Mason continues to bounce off would-be tacklers. As for my opposition, well, I have no other choice than to root my ass off for the Bears defense. Actually, writing that out just made me laugh. In order to have a chance to win the championship game this weekend, I need the Bears defense to stop Matt Stafford and Golden Tate — what a world we live in!

Luckily for me, though, Matt Stafford is flying into Chicago today. Why is this lucky for me, you ask….well, I know the keys to Matt’s heart — kegs and college women — and I’ll have both at my apartment Saturday night in attempt to get the Georgia boy as liquored up as possible.

Beating the Bears defense sober is child’s play. Intoxicated, though? That remains to be seen…

Sid: The time has come, the finale of the WARRFFL is upon us and upon me.

This will be my first championship game in fantasy, too bad it won’t for money but it will still be for pride. My goal from the start was to win the league and it has been a roller coaster all season long. Positives for my team included the Lions’ Mathew Stafford at QB, NFL MVP candidate DeMarco Murray running the ball, receiver Golden Tate (who benefited from a lot of Stafford passes) and even Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

Among the bad: Bengals QB Andy Dalton, my victims of drops — the Rams defense and Chargers running back Ryan Matthews — and normally effective pass-catchers (Mike Wallace, Jason Witten) who haven’t lived up to pass years promise.

My biggest hurdle came in mid-November, when the Cowboys had their bye week and my team suffered, barely keeping my record at .500 during that stretch. Once Murray and Witten returned to action, my chances increased for a chance to play in the playoffs as the middle of our league was bunched-up record wise. My stud running back DeMarco Murray has been my rock next to Jamal Charles carrying me to this title game but Murray is questionable to play Sunday versus the Colts.  If Murray can’t go on Sunday, I believe my chances for a title will be vanished.

I expect Stafford and Tate to light it up against a horrible Chicago Bears defense and give me a tremendous chance to take home the title.

My first defense (Rams) this season was expected to do major damage, but struggled early, which made me make a switch to the Buffalo Bills, who have been a surprise not only for the real NFL but for my fantasy team as well. This week they square off against Oakland, need I say more …LOL!!!

I enjoyed this season, no matter what happens on Sunday. It was a joy to play against my teammates from the radio show and website.  Hopefully we can all do this again next season. To my opponent: like the late great Marvin Gaye once said, LET’S GET IT ON!

WARRFFL Championship (With Thursday/Saturday Points)

(3) Hurryin’ Hoosiers (5.00) vs. (4) Sidney’s Team

— Teams split their regular season match-ups, with Hurryin’ Hoosiers winning the most recent match (100.92-87.36) in Week 12.

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