Listen/Watch: Our Man DotFresh Hits You With Taste of “Main Course”

We Are Regal Radio contibutor Terence Sean Davis is even more than a purveyor of innovative eating spaces and an expert of dos and donts for 30-somethings, he’s a MC, a fly one at that and in 2015 expect to get plenty full off his project, Main Course, which you can learn a lot about in the video above — in which we get a small tour of the North Side’s Edgewater neighborhood — and in words from the man below. Peep game:

Dotfresh,”The Lemon Water Villain,” is back for the second installment of the Gourmet Tape series — “Main Course.”

The first Gourmet Tape dropped in December 2012, giving an introduction of Dotfresh’s alter ego Lemon Water Villian and the culture of Gourmet… now when you think gourmet you think about great food and great food definitely runs synonymous with Dotfresh’s theme… but Gourmet is much more…

The Gourmet concept is more along the lines of personal growth, reaping all the great things the world has to offer… from food to the importance of education to the exploration of different cultures… so how did he come up with “Lemon Water Villain?”… I’ll explain…

Dotfresh is a seasoned lyricist that has ran into much adversity in the rap world, although someway, somehow has stayed resilient and continue to rock the mic… making him a heroic villain of sorts…

Main Course is set to drop early spring 2015 with R Divine, Phantem, Green Steez, and Cool Kennedy on the production and special guest features as well … the melodic, yet hard-hitting project is comprised of 13 tracks that will keep your head nodding from beginning to end… Gourmet Season is approaching…Enjoy.

Follow Dot Fresh on Twitter @dotfresher and listen to his latest tracks on Soundcloud and stay up with his latest on WARR where he offers more on what’s “Gourmet” flavor

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