2014 Year In Review With The D & Davis Show

Today on The D & Davis Show, the guys will reflect and discuss the sports year of 2014 here in Chicago and across America. From Derrick Rose return to the Bulls, the collapse of the Bears, the continued success of the Blackhawks, and the resurgence of the White Sox and Cubs.

The guys will also touch on all the top stories in 2014 from around the country like the deaths of Michael Brown & Eric Garner, the massive protest that followed, Ebola, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Hacking, ISIS, Drones and more.

Also at 11:20 am the guys speak with Dan Miller, radio voice of the Detroit Lions, to preview Lions vs Bears.

Tune in and listen live at chicagolandsportsradio.com from 11 AM to 2 PM central every Saturday, dial 312-564-7373 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow.

Also listen to recent shows right here on WeAreRegalRadio.com or on Soundcloud. Our archive shows can be found at blogtalkradio.com/regal-radio.

D And Davis Saturday Logo 11 AM 2 PM

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