Fantasy Football: Going Out on a High Note In WARRFFL

Jason Kaestner is an intern with “The D and Davis Show” and an aspiring sports broadcaster at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he hosts a weekly online radio show called “Spraying All Fields,” it broadcasts Saturdays at 2pm after D and Davis on

Jason also is a part of the Regal Radio fantasy football league, WARRFFL, he will provide weekly updates on his experience in the league and takes on playing fantasy overall. Read him here throughout the NFL season.

Geoff Burke / USA TODAY Sports A late-season re-acquisition, the Rams' defense played a big role in the author's final regular season win.

Geoff Burke / USA TODAY Sports
A late-season re-acquisition, the Rams’ defense played a big role in the author’s final regular season win.

Glimpses of the glory that I imagined for my first season as a fantasy football owner were on display during Week 14.

In a rematch against the first place Rolling Irsay’s, my mindset going in was that this final game of the regular season would be my own championship. For a second consecutive week, my consistently disappointing fantasy team dominated the opposition. Without a doubt the 139.70 to 97.42 victory was my most impressive fantasy moment of the year. Even eliminated from playoff contention, I found a way to remain relevant to the WARRFFL season.

Julio Jones scored an impressive game-high 31.90 points, but his points merely ran up the score. Prior to Jones hitting the field on Monday Night Football I already had a double digit lead and victory was all but in hand as the Rolling Irsay’s nine starters were all active on Sunday. Reacquiring and starting the St. Louis Rams defense (27.00) over New England (12.00) was what proved decisive. Joique Bell, who gained over 130 total yards with both a running and receiving touchdown, made an impact as well in a Detroit win.

In blowout wins, the few players that fail to reach projections tend to go unnoticed. When one of those players is your starting quarterback, that’s harder to miss. Surprisingly, Drew Brees only scored 13.00 points, however, there was no decision to second-guess because I cut Colin Kaepernick prior to Week 14’s kickoff. Lucky for me, this game was far from the quarterback showdown expected. Peyton Manning also disappointed for the Irsay’s, contributing a mere 4.72 points compared to 32.96 from our Week 5 matchup.

My margin of victory could have been even greater. Had I chosen to start Doug Baldwin at the Flex instead of either Ryan Mathews or Mark Ingram, it would have meant additional 10+ points, leaving me just shy of 150 points for the week. As it was, my 139.70 stands as the eighth-highest scoring total in the league this season. Good thing too: Ken’s Rolling Irsay’s 97.42 was the tenth most points in a loss by any team this season.

My win in Week 14 had playoff implications… just not for me. My upset and a Fist of Fury victory allowed them to leapfrog Rolling Irsay’s and claim the top seed in the WARRFFL playoffs. I finished seventh out of ten teams as a first-year fantasy player. Disappointing, but I feel entitled to some bragging rights since I beat both the first and second place teams.

Had I not lost twice to the playoff bound Hurryin’ Hoosiers and to fourth-place Sidney’s Team the standings could look very different. Seventh place makes sense ignoring the win-loss record in favor of points scored (third fewest) and points against (third fewest).

The burning question remains: will I play fantasy football again next or was the experience too frustrating and un-fulfilling? The answer is probably as unsatisfying as this season has been for me. I am likely to play again, though less for the competition than for the camaraderie.

It was also fun to write these recaps that gave me a purpose to continue even during the season’s bleakness moments. I understand fantasy football’s appeal to a greater extent now. I feel comfortable as a casual participant rather than a committed enthusiast.

Regular Season Wrap-Up

WARRFFL Managers: Black Unicorns (Kyle Means, Commish); Chi Town Runnin Apes (Pharoah, The Varsity Show); Rolling Irsay’s (Davis, D & Davis); Englewood’s Finest (D, D & Davis); Scoop B (Brandon Robinson); Knuckle Sandwich (Champ, The Varsity Show); STAFers (Jason Kaestner); Hurryin’ Hoosiers (Kevin Luchansky); Fist of Fury (Daryl Daniels); Sidney’s Team (Sidney Brown)


^*Fist of Fury 10-3

*Rolling Irsay’s 10-3

*Hurryin’ Hoosiers 8-5

*Sidney’s Team 7-6

Black Unicorns 7-6

Chi Town Runnin Apes 7-6

STAFers 6-7

Knuckle Sandwich5-8

Englewood’s Finest 3-10

Scoop B 2-11

* = Playoff Team

^ = Won Tiebreaker

Playoff Matchups (With Thursday Points)

(1) Fist of Fury vs. (4) Sidney’s Team

— Fist of Fury won in Weeks 2 and 11 over Sidney’s Team

(2) Rolling Irsay’s (13.00) vs. (3) Hurryin’ Hoosiers

— Rolling Irsay’s won in Week 8 (148.84 – 143.38) over Hurryin’ Hoosiers

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