Community activist who fights for peace now fighting for her life

Best wishes to Ameena. If you don’t know of what makes her special, see “The Interrupters” as soon as possible.


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She’s more than a community activist, she’s a fighter for peace in Chicago’s streets.

Ameena Matthews steps in between potentially deadly conflicts to prevent shootings. And now she is now in the middle the greatest fight of her life.

Ameena was diagnosed this year with multiple myeloma— a form of cancer that currently has no cure.

A disease that’s expected to dramatically cut her life-span.

For more than 8 years, Ameena has used her voice to help squash street-beef before it becomes another deadly shooting in some of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Her work became known after being featured in the documentary, “The Interrupters,” a film that follows Chicago’s street-conflict resolvers like Ameena.

But in January, this mother got news that rocked her world.

“It’s no comeback from that,” she say. “You know you can fight as long as you can but in an interval it’s going…

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