Fantasy Football: Resigned to Playoff Fate, Time to Play Spoiler

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images Drew Brees has often meant the difference between wins and losses for the STAFers, last week his season-best led to our author's biggest fantasy win.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Drew Brees has often meant the difference between wins and losses for the STAFers, last week his season-best led to our author’s biggest fantasy win.

Jason Kaestner is an intern with “The D and Davis Show” and an aspiring sports broadcaster at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he hosts a weekly online radio show called “Spraying All Fields,” it broadcasts Saturdays at 2pm after D and Davis on

Jason also is a part of the Regal Radio fantasy football league, WARRFFL, he will provide weekly updates on his experience in the league and takes on playing fantasy overall. Read him here throughout the NFL season.

Happy holidays! Another double week recap is in order. Week 13 overflowed with bountiful fantasy points just in time for Thanksgiving. Though this good fortune did not go unappreciated, the impact was dulled considerably by the bad news Week 12’s outcomes heaped at my doorstep.

It may had already been a foregone conclusion but a Week 12 loss officially eliminated me from playoff contention. Projected to score 99.38 to my opponent’s 99.22, I lost late 99.40 to 80.74. Justin Forsett’s 190 yards of total offense and 2 touchdowns stole a fifth victory from my grasp. That performance was the highest player point total of the season for Knuckle Sandwich, and a big part of why they outscored their season average. That made for my third loss to a team exceeding their season’s scoring average, also, six of my starters underperformed.

What a bad time to listen to fantasy experts. I benched Drew Brees that week, he only returned to form with a 29.30 point performance against Baltimore. That mistake was compounded when my starter Colin Kaepernick managed just 14.64 points against his projection of 20.34 and with multiple experts picking him to break out in a big way against Washington’s woeful defense. He still managed to outperform Jay Cutler’s miserable day for my opponent, but that fact proved to be just more salt in the wound because my fantasy team could not find a way to beat an opponent whose starting quarterback accumulated just 7.20 fantasy points.

Immediately, on the heels of playoff elimination came a classic case of too little-too late in the following week. To begin, it was my opponent whose starters missed their projections for a change. I helped upend a five-game win streak for my opponent, the Black Unicorns, due in large part because seven starters failed live up to expectations. Even more frustrating, Week 13 proved to be my highest team total of the season with 111.98 points — a feat achieved with a man down as I never subbed out an injured Julius Thomas at tight end.

Brees’ 30.28 points that week turned out to be the highest output from anyone on my fantasy team this year. Not to be outdone, my starting running backs combined for 34.80 points, which was also their highest combined output of any week thus far. Only Sammy Watkins stayed true to a season-long commitment to under-perform, doing so for the fourth straight week and reaching his personal season low in points with 1.10.

In the final week before the fantasy playoffs I’ve been pitted in a return match against Ken Davis and his first place Rolling Irsay’s, our last encounter came down to Peyton Manning out-performing Brees. Eliminated from the playoffs and resigned to finished no better than seventh (and no worse than eighth) I’m motivated to win by a combination of payback and pride. Will I go down in a blaze of glory or succumb to disappointment. Check back next week for my final entry in my first-year fantasy report.

WARRFFL Recap, Week 13

WARRFFL Managers: Black Unicorns (Kyle Means, Commish); Chi Town Runnin Apes (Pharoah, The Varsity Show); Rolling Irsay’s (Davis, D & Davis); Englewood’s Finest (D, D & Davis); Scoop B (Brandon Robinson); Knuckle Sandwich (Champ, The Varsity Show); STAFers (Jason Kaestner); Hurryin’ Hoosiers (Kevin Luchansky); Fist of Fury (Daryl Daniels); Sidney’s Team (Sidney Brown)


Rolling Irsay’s 10-2

Fist of Fury 9-3

Hurryin’ Hoosiers 7-5

Black Unicorns 7-5

Sidney’s Team 6-6

Chi Town Runnin Apes 6-6

Knuckle Sandwich5-7

STAFers 5-7

Englewood’s Finest 3-9

Scoop B 2-10

This Week (Points Thru Sunday)

Black Unicorns (79.56) vs. Sidney’s Team (105.94)

Rolling Irsay’s (97.42) vs. STAFers (107.80)

Chi Town Runnin Apes (98.24) vs. Scoop B (59.36)

Fist of Fury (118.68) vs. Knuckle Sandwich (109.34)

Hurryin’ Hoosiers (77.40) vs. Englewood’s Finest (45.50)

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