Chicago Magazine Honors Jackie Robinson West Little League

Feel free to check out the other selections in Chicago Mag’s 20th year-end edition, but with all due respect to Juan Andrade, Sister Rosemary Connelly and company, only JRW deserves such an honor as “Chicagoans of the Year.”

No other individual or group of individuals, kid or adult, legal driver or momma and daddy-reliant, did more to bring together the city of Chicago than JRW and certainly nothing in 2014 gave us more pride.

To look at the exuberance and joy they exhibit in this great cover allows one to travel instantly back to those fun late-summer days when we followed the little guys’ every move with enthusiasm while never letting up in our gratitude for their effort and overall cool demeanor under pressure.

Lets not let JRW forget what they did for us this year and lets keep in mind what wonderful things can happen we we provide platforms for our kids to succeed and properly rally around them when they call on us.


Bringing it Back Home With Jackie Robinson West Fans

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