Watch: Brandon Marshall Affirms His “Brotherhood” With Jay Cutler

From their first flirts on Twitter to this week — made for the tabloids and full of half-truths and supposed screaming matches — one of sports’ great modern romances threatened to come apart at the seams this week, betrayed by a few option calls at the line of scrimmage and a disappointing 3-4 record.

Unacceptable, yes. But unforgivable?

Apparently not, as Brandon Marshall helps explain during his weekly spot on “Inside the NFL” on Showtime. Maybe he’s putting on a strong front or shielding us from some more painful truths, maybe he’s a brother in arms with the likes of Paula Patton or Amber Rose — trying hard to hang on to something (and someone) that just isn’t right, just isn’t working.

But to quote his supposed words this week, Marshall “fights with his heart,” and we know he has plenty of it. He feels deep, not necessarily “Italian” deep, but endearing nonetheless. After all, he’s not the one causing devoted celebrity Chicago sports fans to find comfort with the enemy…

But is Cutler equipped to do anything to make his partners in agony (the Bears and the entire Chicagoland area) find comfort for the remainder of this season? Does he even care to? I doubt it. Two times.

Maybe he can just throw some more cash Marshall’s way. New condos are going up all the time in this city.

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