Fantasy Football: Challenges Come Due to Underperforming RBs

Jason Kaestner is an intern with “The D and Davis Show” and an aspiring sports broadcaster at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he hosts a weekly online radio show called “Spraying All Fields,” it broadcasts Saturdays at 2pm after D and Davis on

Jason also is a part of the Regal Radio fantasy football league, WARRFFL, he will provide weekly updates on his experience in the league and takes on playing fantasy overall. Read him here throughout the NFL season.

By definition, gambles seldom produce the results most desired by the gambler.

My gamble last Sunday — starting Devin Hester against the Bears – -certainly didn’t pay off. However, while I would have done better starting Martellus Bennett at the Flex, it would not have mattered in the final outcome.

Quite simply, there were very few practical scenarios where I could have matched my opponent’s 114.16 score. Honestly, how many fantasy teams have a legitimate chance to win while getting a combined 2.00 points from the running back position?

Going into this week’s fantasy action, I knew whatever happened I couldn’t allow my real-life rooting interest in the Bears to play a decisive role for my fantasy team. Another double dose of disappointment didn’t appeal to me, so I was glad when the Bears surprised me with a convincing win.

I can’t find it in me to be upset that Julio Jones underperformed his projections either because I’m ecstatic that rookie Kyle Fuller didn’t seem phased matching up against the dynamic wide receiver, he made Jones irrelevant most of the afternoon. I’m beginning to realize that I may never be as good of a fantasy player as I could be because I still value the real thing more.

Having fallen to 2-3 and eighth place in a bunched-up WARRFFL, this week is a must-win. With that said, its perfect timing for a match-up against the league’s last place team. Of course, with the inconsistencies from my running backs, I place little stock in being projected to win.

Were the match-up more favorable and the return from injury more certain, C. J. Spiller would finally be grabbing some bench in favor of Mark Ingram. I know it’s crazy, but I just can’t bring myself to drop Spiller.

What is it with the Buffalo Bills not getting as much as they should from talented running backs anyway? Exhibit A: Marshawn Lynch. Instead of benching Spiller this week, I dropped Chris Ivory for Joique Bell based on a more favorable match-up and production trends. Both are streaky players, with Bell currently being something o-f the hot hand. I just hope Ivory doesn’t make me regret this by snapping back to the early season form that make pick him up in the first place.

Andre Holmes for Devin Hester was my other acquisition for the week. I know the Oakland Raiders are generally toxic, but I have a good feeling about Holmes’ fantasy potential. Week after week he could have the opportunity to put up a lot of fantasy points in garbage time. Because of that, I’m considering starting him over Martellus Bennett. I could change my mind based on Bennett’s overall consistency, though.

Several factors are making this a weird week of fantasy football for me. Above all, it feels strange to actually be contemplating sitting Drew Brees for Colin Kaepernick. I may do just because I prefer Kaepernick against the Broncos rather than Brees facing the Lions.

Then owning Denver and San Francisco’s defenses presents a dilemma with the two teams slated for a Sunday Night Football showdown. I think my strategy will be to start Denver’s defense and hope for a lot of field goals to maximize Phil Dawson’s value.

WARRFFL Recap, Week 6

WARRFFL Managers: Black Unicorns (Kyle Means, Commish); Chi Town Runnin Apes (Pharoah, The Varsity Show); Rolling Irsay’s (Davis, D & Davis); Englewood’s Finest (D, D & Davis); Scoop B (Brandon Robinson); Knuckle Sandwich (Champ, The Varsity Show); STAFers (Jason Kaestner); Hurryin’ Hoosiers (Kevin Luchansky); Fist of Fury (Daryl Daniels); Sidney’s Team (Sidney Brown)


Fist of Fury 114.34 (3-2) -Black Unicorns 73.84 (2-3)

Rolling Irsay’s 80.78 (5-0) – Sidney’s Team 72.42 (2-3)

Chi Town Runnin Apes 114.16 (4-1) – STAFers 83.42 (2-3)

Scoop B 101.64 (1-4) – Englewood’s Finest 100.42 (1-4)

Knuckle Sandwich 114.74 (2-3) – Hurryin’ Hoosiers 93.72 (3-2)

This Week (With Thursday Points)

Black Unicorns vs. Hurryin’ Hoosiers (5.0)

Rolling Irsay’s (6.80) vs. Fist of Fury (22.44)

Chi Town Runnin Apes vs. Sidney’s Team

Scoop B vs. STAFers

Knuckle Sandwich vs. Englewood’s Finest (14.20)

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