Flick Pick of the Week: ”Dear White People”

Each Friday leading up to the film award season we will offer a movie releasing wide that week that gets the stamp of approval from WARR.

These are the movies you need to see, if not because they’ll change your life, then because people will be talking about them, at least for the weekend, and we want you to have good ammunition for the break room at work.

We start these posts with a film I’ve been excited about since its breakthrough award run at Sundance earlier this year. Dear White People exists as sort of a companion to last year’s Fruitvale Station (first-time black, millenial director tackles race in America provocatively and wins plaudits) as well as a spiritual descendant to crowd-pleasing yet challenging race-based satires like Hollywood Shuffle and Chameleon Street.

Taking it back to Fruitvale, which was disappointingly shut out of most major award races by last year’s season, Dear White People may stand a better chance to keep and maintain its buzz due to it leading with comedic jabs instead of somber, reality-based ones, it being released later in the year and it being released among a less-crowded slate of capital-B “black experience” movies than 2013.

Check the film’s website for screenings near you, the film is available in select cities now and doesn’t release nationwide until the 24th. Chicagoans get their first shot at seeing Dear White People this coming Monday as part of the 50th Annual Chicago International Film Festival.

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