Fantasy Football: Mid-Season Slump Sparks Trip to Waiver Wire

Jason Kaestner is an intern with “The D and Davis Show” and an aspiring sports broadcaster at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he hosts a weekly online radio show called “Spraying All Fields,” it broadcasts Saturdays at 2pm after D and Davis on

Jason also is a part of the Regal Radio fantasy football league, WARRFFL, he will provide weekly updates on his experience in the league and takes on playing fantasy overall. Read him here throughout the NFL season.

In hindsight, I never had a chance against the undefeated Rollin’ Irsay’s. Despite two-thirds of Rollin’s starters underperforming their projections, including only seven yards from Calvin Johnson in his least productive game in years, I still lost. Julius Thomas excluded, my entire team disappointed last week.

Boiling my loss down even further, Rollin’s Peyton Manning just out-dueled Drew Brees. Manning provided 32.96 points while Brees only managed 19.74, that 13.22 differential excluded, my STAFers outscored the Rollin’ Irsay’s by 0.1 points. Really, no kidding.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Julius Thomas enters the end zone in his standout, two-touchdown performance that kept the STAFers in their WARRFFL contest last week.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Julius Thomas enters the end zone in his standout, two-touchdown performance that kept the STAFers in their WARRFFL contest last week.

It’s frustrating enough to lose, but this week was filled with numerous alarming trends.

To begin, my team scored its lowest point total of the season, not a surprise considering my starting running backs combined for an anemic 7.70 points and Brees could not surpass the 20-point mark at quarterback.

Martellus Bennett did me no favors either by following his 100+ yard performance against the Packers with only 17 yards in Carolina. All this frustration and disappointment really shook my confidence in my fantasy roster.

On Monday I was ready to wash my hands of the 2014 season — the Bears laid an egg on the road against the Panthers and my STAFers were seemingly trending down in unison. Days later, I have some renewed optimism for my fantasy team, though I’m still weary of the Bears’ chances in Atlanta this Sunday.

It’s been an active week on the waiver wire for me. Playing the long game, I exchanged Knile Davis for Ryan Mathews. Davis provided short-term value, aiding in a win several weeks ago. But for the foreseeable future he was going to be on the bench, so I can justify carrying an injured Mathews for a few weeks instead.

Next, I opportunistically swapped Robbie Gould for Phil Dawson. Finally, I made a high risk move that I hope will pay off big, unloading the consistently frustrating Marques Colston for the highly motivated Devin Hester.

I have a very good feeling about Hester despite his questionable injury status going into the weekend. He seems poised to be a fantasy star in Week 6 against his former team. I could be wrong, but I doubt my alternative Flex options — Bennett or Cordarelle Patterson — will make me regret giving Hester the start this week.

Colin Kaepernick is another player I think should be highly productive, even facing a tough Rams defense. He had better be if I hope to win this week with Brees on a bye.

Moves I didn’t make could prove more decisive than those I did. Though I think Kaepernick is due to bounce back, I was tempted to jettison him for the resurgent Eli Manning. And while I think the Falcons have the edge this week over the Bears, I am hesitant to go all in against them by signing Steven Jackson. Were I to start Jackson, Hester and Julio Jones, not only would I feel like a traitor but an impulsive one at that.

Narrowly projected as the favorite this week, I’m hoping for more consistency in Week 6. I’m also hoping to catch a little lightning in a bottle. If I can’t, it’s back to the long game as I wait for Mark Ingram and now Mathews to return from injury and stabilize my inconsistent ground game.

WARRFFL Recap, Week 5

WARRFFL Managers: Black Unicorns (Kyle Means, Commish); Chi Town Runnin Apes (Pharoah, The Varsity Show); Rolling Irsay’s (Davis, D & Davis); Englewood’s Finest (D, D & Davis); Scoop B (Brandon Robinson); Knuckle Sandwich (Champ, The Varsity Show); STAFers (Jason Kaestner); Hurryin’ Hoosiers (Kevin Luchansky); Fist of Fury (Daryl Daniels); Sidney’s Team (Sidney Brown)


Black Unicorns 85.24 (2-2) – Sidney’s Team 77.74 (2-2)

Rolling Irsay’s 88.66 (4-0) – STAFers 75.54 (2-2)

Chi Town Runnin Apes 87 (3-1) – Scoop B 83.70 (0-4)

Fist of Fury 105.78 (2-2) – Knuckle Sandwich 72.66 (1-3)

Hurryin’ Hoosiers 145.52 (3-1) – Englewood’s Finest 112.52 (1-3)

Week 3 Matchups (With Thursday Points)

Black Unicorns vs. Fist of Fury (3.50)

Rolling Irsay’s (11.90) vs. Sidney’s Team

Chi Town Runnin Apes (21) vs. STAFers 

Scoop B (13.90) vs. Englewood’s Finest

Hurryin’ Hoosiers (26.10) vs. Knuckle Sandwich (4.90)

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