Fantasy Football: Staying the Course Pays Off in Tight Matches

Allison Long/ Kansas City Star Julian Edelman stood a chance to impact the author's fantasy week, but the Kansas City defense saved the week for the STAFers.

Allison Long/ Kansas City Star
Julian Edelman stood a chance to impact the author’s fantasy week, but the Kansas City defense saved the week for the STAFers.

Jason Kaestner is an intern with “The D and Davis Show” and an aspiring sports broadcaster at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he hosts a weekly online radio show called “Spraying All Fields,” it broadcasts Saturdays at 2pm after D and Davis on

Jason also is a part of the Regal Radio fantasy football league, WARRFFL, he will provide weekly updates on his experience in the league and takes on playing fantasy overall. Read him here throughout the NFL season.

If there is such a thing as winning ugly in fantasy football, I managed to do just that with this past week’s match-up.

The Monday Night Football game between New England and Kansas City was a nerve-wracking experience. With all nine of my starters already finished with an output of 89.00 points even, it all came down to the Patriots’ Julian Edelman and his 10.19 point projection to get Kyle Means’ Black Unicorns over the hump against me.

Ultimately, I just needed the Chiefs defense to hold that one player at bay. They went further, effectively shutting down the entire Patriots offense. However, at no point did I feel confidence that a late burst of scoring in garbage time wouldn’t ruin my chances as the Patriots sank into desperation mode.

The Black Unicorn himself played a huge role in the victory over the team he influenced. Martellus Bennett (13.40), impressively consistent thus far this season, was only outscored on my team by Drew Brees (21.20). Additionally, the 10-point performance from the San Francisco 49ers defense restored my confidence in them as a starting fantasy defense after mediocre outings the past two weeks. Whether I start them next week will likely be one of my game time decisions, but their performance against the Eagles proved pivotal to my victory.

Two things almost derailed my fantasy victory: listening to experts and going against an opponent that started Andrew Luck against the Titans. Luck outscored all other fantasy players with his 30.62 points, which sapped much of my confidence in getting a win. Then there was the decision I agonized over all week, the toss up at my flex position between Cordarrelle Patterson and Knile Davis. Leaving Davis on the bench against my Patterson-informed instincts was an 8-point negative swing (11.90 to 3.80) and provided the difference between a nail bitter and a comfortable win.

My running back concerns have given way to concerns over inconsistent wide receiver play. Patterson’s points have declined week after week. Julio Jones followed up his insane performance against Tampa Bay with a pedestrian 8.20 points in Atlanta’s loss to Minnesota, leaving Sammy Watkins as my highest scoring wide receiver with 9.00. Those aren’t winning contributions from wide receiver/flex starters.

WARRFFL has been a meat grinder and next week’s match-up will be another challenge. At 2-1, I’m still in fifth place in the 10-team league and now I’m set to face the only undefeated team left in the league – Ken Davis’ Rolling Irsay’s. Strangely though, I’m projected to be less of an underdog than at any other point this season. Forgive me if I don’t feel confident though, especially because the Rolling Irsay’s are quarterbacked by Peyton Manning coming off a bye week.

In spite of being less than enthusiastic about my chances, I do have hope in a few matches that should net me more points than current projections indicate. Brees will face the porous Tampa Bay defense and Jones could be poised for a bounce back against the Giants. Check back next week for a report on how well my rag-tag band of fantasy misfits withstood the predicted scoring onslaught from Manning, Calvin Johnson, Frank Gore and the rest of the Rolling Irsay’s.

WARRFFL Recap, Week 4

WARRFFL Managers: Black Unicorns (Kyle Means, Commish); Chi Town Runnin Apes (Pharoah, The Varsity Show); Rolling Irsay’s (Davis, D & Davis); Englewood’s Finest (D, D & Davis); Scoop B (Brandon Robinson); Knuckle Sandwich (Champ, The Varsity Show); STAFers (Jason Kaestner); Hurryin’ Hoosiers (Kevin Luchansky); Wild Hunnids Baddest (Daryl Daniels); Sidney’s Team (Sidney Brown)


STAFers 89 – Black Unicorns 84.42

Rolling Irsay’s 87.38 – Scoop B 71.68

Chi Town Runnin Apes 95.88 – Englewood’s Finest 73.48

Sidney’s Team 141.40 – Knuckle Sandwich 120.84

Hurryin’ Hoosiers 84.52 – Wild Hunnids Baddest 64.46

Week 5 Matchups

Black Unicorns vs. Sidney’s Team

Rolling Irsay’s vs. STAFers

Chi Town Runnin Apes vs. Scoop B

Wild Hunnids Baddest vs. Knuckle Sandwich

Hurryin’ Hoosiers vs. Englewood’s Finest

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