Basketball: Jabari Parker Subjected to Cheesehead Torture in Wisconsin


As this writer spent over five years in Wisconsin after a lifetime in Illinois, I can’t help but give my condolences to Jabari Parker — a kid of his talents and demeanor, a proud Chicagoan, shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of insult.

The vine above is right to loop Parker’s quick soundbite, the repeated reciting of “they’re making me wear a cheesehead…its terrible” underscores his true disgust, seething just below the surface. That’s alright, big guy, do what you gotta do, smile through the pain, this experience should prepare you for many cold (literally cold, the air conditioning ain’t too good in the Bradley Center), losing nights on the court for Milwaukee.

I actually felt grateful that Parker was selected with the No. 2 pick by the Bucks — they are a good fan base when given something to cheer for, Parker would only be about an hour and a half away from home, and if I never had to wear a piece of foam fromage on my dome while I was up there and was able to stand freely as a Bears fan, I couldn’t imagine that they’d do this young man so wrong.

But he’s still standing, still strong (c) Antwone Fisher. And I’m willing to think he’ll have a real chance to smile come Sept. 28th.

That’s a Bears fan for ya. We stay down.

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