A Rough Week For The NFL & Bears Head Out to San Fran! All On The D & Davis Show

Today on The D & Davis Show, the guys will break down the latest story with the  indictment of Adrian Peterson for child abuse and his deactivation from the Minnesota Vikings for Sunday’s game. We will discuss the domestic violence case involving former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice,  his indefinite suspension from the NFL  and the internal investigation of the handling of Ray Rice’s 2 game suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Also, it’s Ladies Day on The D & Davis Show! We’ll get Syreeta Hubbard, The NFL Chick, take on the Ray Rice incident at 11:40 AM & Julie Buehler of Team 1010 KXPS-AM will join the show at 1 PM to preview the Chicago Bears  – San Francisco 49ers game.

Tune in and listen live at chicagolandsportsradio.com from 11 AM to 2 PM central every Saturday, dial 312-564-7373 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow.

Also listen to recent shows right here on WeAreRegalRadio.com or on Soundcloud. Our archive shows can be found at blogtalkradio.com/regal-radio.



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