Watch: Inspiring Awe 101 With Mike Tyson and Serena Williams

Here we have two videos with two of the most notable athletes of our times, each one exhibiting different traits they have that also make them so formidable, even though neither one is necessarily in their prime anymore.

Even though Serena Williams doesn’t have the same stranglehold on tennis that she had when reeled off her “Serena Slam,” Williams is still by far the best woman’s tennis player in the world, having won the last three U.S. Opens, her latest being clinched this past weekend.

Here, the Compton legend furthers her sponsor relationship with the company of another Compton legend in a striking ad for Beats by Dre. Just look at her, ain’t nothing much to say except that who else has a body like that in sports? And having such a body, and such a competitive spirit at an ancient age in her sport (32, 33 come Sept. 26) is quite a feat. This was a music video-like training session, but you figure she does this kind of work out and much more on the regular, just a slice of why she may be the greatest player her sport has seen.

Mike Tyson can’t be seen as the greatest his sport has ever seen, but maybe no boxer — outside of Muhammad Ali — has taken more slings and arrows than Iron Mike. In this video the legacy of his past acts and run-ins with the law crept back on him once again through some bumbling by this lame Canadian TV guy who looks like a bootleg version of friend of WARR, Camron Smith, if you ask me (also like a lame Freddie Gibbs in the face).

Look, Tyson knows that he’s a convicted rapist, he also knows and believes that he doesn’t deserve that title, he also knows that he’s paid penances both professionally and personally that will live with him as long as long as anything, including what happened with him and Desiree Washington.

In the face of all that, he still lives to entertain and do the best he can as a man, to not live down to his past reputation. That’s why I’m all for the way he reacted to being addressed as a convicted rapist in this interview. Yeah, its true, but who really cares at this point and it really had nothing to do with the conversation.

Beyond that, all I know is that you can think its sweet with Mike if you want, think he won’t still throw them hands and fold you up like Mitch “Blood” Green, but for this writer he’ll always remain on the top of that “watch what you say with him” list. Peace be with you, Mike.

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