Gourmet Flavor: Do’s, Don’ts for the Upwardly Mobile 30-Year-Old

Credit: hellogiggles.com

Credit: hellogiggles.com

In “Gourmet Flavor,” Terence Sean Davis provides dispatches from the worlds of art, life and food in Chicago for WARR.com, check out his previous review of the trendy restaurant/deli/bar Chop Shop.

So you knew it was coming eventually, right? The days of drinking and staying out until 5 a.m. weekend after weekend, showing up to work off two to three hours of sleep? It couldn’t go on forever, could it?

It’s funny how two numbers can change your whole life around…you know exactly what I’m talking about — 3-0.. oh sh*!…

Actually, I’ve greeted my recent turning of 30 years old with open arms, catching efficient hours of sleep, turning down at times instead of up and not being frivolous with spending. With personal maturation and having a career to maintain, I’ve noticed the changes in myself as well as in my overall lifestyle.

By no means am I insisting that becoming 30 should make one a programed robot or anything close to it, but its an accepted way of life that reaching this age does require some tweaks and building of structure to accomplish goals and reach one’s potential, extending into a full, satisfying life. With all that in mind (along with some biting commentary), I’ve compiled a list for the “urban professional” to abide by at this important stage in life — the do’s and don’ts for life at and after 30:

Don’t…go to clubs that are heavily promoting gatherings for college students — you might be confronted by latter-day pledges strolling by the bar, looking for opportunities to prove themselves.

Do… cook at home — your health and your wallet depend on it. There always been this misconception that eating healthy is expensive… yeah, if you tend to stock up on two weeks worth of groceries at Whole Foods (of which I am a fan, by the way). Spend time in your local budget local produce markets if you have to — Aldi’s or Jewel’s can deliver in the clutch as well.

Don’t…try to relive your stealth days of drinking in college… you have to work in the morning. A daily trend of hangovers will start to affect how efficient and detail-friendly your work can be. Its not as glamorous, but eventually we all have to become weekend warriors.

Do… keep away from the shocking or insecure statuses on Facebook, think of how you’d like to portray yourself in front of your nieces/nephews and past/current co-workers on the timeline. At this stage of life for the young professional, social networks are platforms to network professionally moreso than they are platforms to act the fool. Personal drama and re-posts from WorldStar Hip-Hop sway future opportunities, often away from you. Just be safe, check your privacy settings and be mindful of the friend/follower requests you accept.

Don’t…go to your friend’s house to watch the game empty-handed, whether suggested or not, have beer or food at the ready. Don’t be the guy we hide the good booze from, or only invite to the crib when it’s the Super Bowl just so you won’t catch feelings.

Do…go to the “Taste of Chicago,” but only during the day. At night, you become much more susceptible to random violence and ratchetness.

Don’t…call yourself a professional and not have a LinkedIn account… you’re an adult, keep yourself in position for new opportunities.

Do…keep away from unframed posters in the home as well as leaving too much space on the walls bare. You are no longer in a dorm room, maintain some form of self-expression or meaningful talking pieces in your living space. Art in the home helps provide a comfortable environment, which gives you the chance to totally decompress and forget the workplace and other complications of life outside your space.  The right Feng Shui in your pad can boost creativity.

Don’t…wear side burns like the R&B recording artist “Ginuwine,” no matter how clutch “Differences” was for you with your high school sweetheart. You only come across as strange and creepish and you guessed it… unprofessional with baby hair on your face.

Do…spend more than $20 on shirt and tie sets, unless you only dress up to go to a Baptist church… or you’re going on a job interview for Chipotle.


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