Chicago Bears 1st Preseason Game Breakdown & USA Basketball All On The D & Davis Show

Today on The D & Davis Show, the guys will breakdown the ups and downs of the Chicago Bears 1st preseason game, NCAA next steps after judges rules in favor of Ed O’Bannon, Kevin Durant leaving USA Basketball, and much more! Also the guys will speak with Yahoo  NBA writer Marc Spears at 12:20 pm &  Lindsay Rhodes of the NFL Network at 1 pm.

Tune in and listen live at from 11 AM to 2 PM central every Saturday, dial 312-564-7373 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow.

Also, check out re-airings on and subscribe to the show on iTunes for D and Davis and all other Regal programs on demand. Soon you will also be able to listen to Regal Radio broadcasts on Soundcloud too! Stay tuned for more info!


D And Davis Saturday Logo 11 AM 2 PM

2 responses to “Chicago Bears 1st Preseason Game Breakdown & USA Basketball All On The D & Davis Show

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