TV: Wu-Tang Invades Daily Show; Black Jesus Invades Personal Beliefs

Some people have called it a miracle, others say historic. You can choose your own superlative, but its inarguable how dope seeing the Wu-Tang Clan on “The Daily Show” was last night.

The Wu appeared as a complete unit, a rare happening especially on mainstream TV, with old friend Jon Stewart and performed the new cut “Ron O’Neal,” which debuted on iTunes last night as well and did a vintage performance of “Triumph” to close out the show. An interview with all nine living members (yes, we’re counting Cappadonna, too) started off the night.

If you search YouTube well enough you’d see maybe two or three other performances where the balance of the Clan were all in together on one stage, so this was a rare treat. The new joint was cool but it could have used a performance as energetic as the “Triumph” performance was, it was clear the Clan would much rather perform classics at this point than push what they’ve begrudgingly accepted as the shit RZA wants to do at this point.

Still, you got to have some hope for “A Better Tomorrow,” seeing as how the worst of the storm has passed, RZA and Raekwon are on speaking terms again and a legacy show like “The Daily Show” came a-callin. A Wu 20th anniversary album has no choice but to be on my wishlist and 2014 would not have lived up to its promise that album not come to fruition. Now lets see if they can finally get on “Saturday Night Live” and if they can tour for this thing without fracturing themselves for good.

Bonus: To further establish Jon Stewart’s O.G. status, here’s a clip of Biggie performing a rare remix of “Big Poppa” on Stewart’s MTV show in ’95.

Black Jesus Has Risen

I’m not trying to hear anyone else’s opinion. Yeah, “True Detective” had everyone talking and “The Strain” is good viewing so far, but the best new show of 2014 has to be “Black Jesus.”

Between the way its making everyone mad and the fact that it is getting all the funny the fourth season of Boondocks unfortunately couldn’t get from the creator of both shows, Aaron McGruder, it is set up to be an amazing cross-section of incisive satire, observant button-pushing and modern trollery unlike we’ve seen thus far.

Look at this trailer, quite frankly the best trailer for a TV show I’ve ever seen. The show premieres tonight on Adult Swim, I’ve already watched the trailer enough times to have watched three whole episodes of this half-hour weekly series. Below are the notes of what made me laugh most while initially watching it:

— “you get money fuckin wit me”

— “its getting old…”

— “fine grapes”

— “colon cleanse”

— “minds not ready”

— Charlie Murphy hatin

— John Witherspoon cracky

— Mexican turf war

— Obama masks

— Standing my ground reference

— indiscriminate violence


Come on… how can you not love it?

Yes, it doesn’t portray Jesus in a potentially blasphemous way, but we’re not in the times before the Renaissance, there’s no reason to worry about an angry Lord striking us down for laughing at an abstract depiction of his son’s resurrection on Earth. If you don’t want to watch it (and really, how many fundamentalist Christians are checking for Adult Swim, anyway? Only when they want to be offended…), don’t — and if you’re right in the end, then hey, you got that going for you. In the meantime, I’ma break fish and bread with the Big Homey and laugh my ass off.

Bonus: A collection of the initial “Black Jesus” YouTube skits produced by McGruder with star Gerald “Slink” Johnson several years ago.

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