Martellus Bennett Suspended for Training Camp Scuffle

Via Chicago Tribune: Bears’ Martellus Bennett suspended, fined after altercation

Martellus Bennett is a big man and therefore not one to mess with.

Throughout his time in Chicago, the would-be Black Unicorn has come across as an overall congenial fellow, but Chicago Bears rookie corner back Kyle Fuller found out what can be really good with Bennett after taking some liberties with him on a tackle during practice.

Unfortunately, Bennett today found out what’s really good when you physically abuse an NFL team’s most recent first round pick. It’s unfortunate this has to be some ongoing storyline of the Bears camp at this point, the inter-squad scuffling, a prevalent tension between offense and defense. Maybe the tension could be productive and help propel each side of the ball into focused, physically intimidating and winning play starting Week 1, but right now it is a distraction and a potential danger.

The team has already loss one promising young talent for the remainder of the preseason, but at least that was done in a legitimate fashion via making an effort in practice, it didn’t involve one trying to prove that ain’t nothing sweet regarding grabbing him in the open field. It would be downright disappointing if Fuller had to lose any significant amount of time in this all-important season because of that.

And because of that, Bears are not sure when is the next time they’ll see the gifted Bennett on the field again. The Bears are doing the right thing here, showing not only how serious they are to Bennett, but to the whole team regarding the trend of scrapping this summer. Bears general manager says the suspension is due to “conduct detrimental to the team.” What Bennett did adheres to that definition to the letter.

Camp isn’t only about getting the rust off, its about learning once again to deal with the 52 other guys with whom you’ll need to fight with and sacrifice with greatly in order to get more out of the final 17 weeks of this year than some nice checks. Preseason opener is Friday, now its time to face some guys in different colors with aggression, it’d help to not carry baggage you have with a guy you share colors with.

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