Listen: Regal Selector No. 4/Live Broadcast from Argus Brewery

Sean “Pharoah” Terry, Joe “Champ” Tanksley and Kyle “Unidentified Black Man” Means recorded Regal Radio’s latest live, on-site special this past weekend at Argus Brewery by the beautiful Metra train tracks in the Pullman neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

A great time was had by all, so to commemorate, here is a set of dope live performances for ya. Let us know if you like them. Check out the Argus podcast too on our BlogTalkRadio page as well, of course, you’ll learn a lot about local breweries, the Chicago Bears, Bulls and other things. Also make sure to check out Pharoah and Champ in another new “Varsity Show” this Thursday at 9 pm at Regal on BlogTalk.

Make sure to keep following us on Soundcloud for more new playlists each Monday, like, repost and leave comments here or on Soundcloud.

We’d love to showcase new talents and if you feel some of your favorites of this year are being overlooked, go head and put us on.

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