Watch: Frank Thomas Takes the Road to Cooperstown


This weekend sees the momentous occasion of one of the best baseball hall of fame classes of all time into Cooperstown and it is a particularly special class for Chicago baseball fans who grew up on watching Frank Thomas and Greg Maddux, two of the defining stars of their generation and great stars once upon a time for the White Sox and Cubs, respectively.

Click the link for a trio of butt-naked ads for some Ford truck, in which Thomas gets deserved props for his induction and proves why we haven’t seen the Big Hurt do too many acting gigs outside of “Married With Children.” Still, there’s some heart-warming moments towards the end when *spoiler* Thomas ends up making it to the Hall of Fame and reflects on how far he’s come from his humble roots, which he should do again to great effect on Sunday.

Below you can see more coverage previewing Thomas, Maddux and the inductions:

Bill Chuck writes of nine things to know about Frank Thomas for the Chicago Sun-Times, including a lot of his career milestones from his 15-year run (Sun-Times)

Philip Hersh offers more interesting tidbits on Maddux and Thomas in the Chicago Tribune, including Maddux having spent part of his childhood playing Little League in Spain (Tribune)

The Daily Herald’s Barry Rozner got to talk to Maddux earlier this week and he admits to being nervous for the induction, saying “I’ve never given a speech before…” (Daily Herald)

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