Listen: Regal Selector No. 3/A Statement on Violence in Chicago

There was nothing outstanding about this weekend — nothing great, productive in parts with time to rest, which I always appreciate.

There was also nothing tragic, nothing heart breaking or devastating, nothing to make my knees weak or to cause me to curse out loud to some great force of human nature that I don’t understand.

A middle-of-the road weekend is something that one doesn’t treasure as they live through it, but it seems that every Monday morning I take a moment to appreciate that I nor none of the people I care for most in the city of Chicago weren’t put through the tragic stuff, whether or not they had a great time. We all survived at least. That isn’t always the case, no matter how straight up you try to play your life in this damaged town.

Not that every Chicagoan has to duck stray shots whenever they exit their apartment or house. Some people would like this great city to be a shell of itself, to be some grotesque spoof of American life in 2014, to out-do the most mindless acts of violence our society can produce, to exploit the ever-present gaps in wealth and available jobs, education and affordable housing. Some people want this place to be Chi-raq, even though you only have to turn on the TV or do a quick online search to see that the real Iraq will always be more thorough.

So what’s the point of this bullshit we’re doing here? Young people running towards a ruination that they are manifesting for themselves with no type of reasoning why. Older folks standing around with no answers that is if they haven’t given up and just locked themselves inside, hoping the ruckus outside doesn’t make its way to their doorstep.

Get a gun if you like, but you may be more likely to just die with a piece on you than save a damsel or youngster in distress — the bullet that is meant for you usually isn’t, it comes without your knowing, ask Shamiya Adams and those who stood with her when her time came.

Week after week the stories are recited, the details so often overlap, the names only distinguish along with the individual stories. A school girl, a young man readying himself for college, a promising photographer, a teacher… on and on and on and on.

Vigilance for wrongs put upon us by outside elements and institutions has been one of the main elements that allowed the black community to survive to this point in America, its time we turn our trained eyes on each other and re-focus ourselves and the people around us to new directions, new ways of thinking and solving our ills. We’ve already begun the slow march to communal oblivion mentally and spiritually, if we don’t wake up and see what we are doing to ourselves only physical oblivion will follow and after each weekend at least a few of us will stand to miss the next Monday to come.

As this one passes, more calls to action are upon us. If nothing else this website intends to join those calls and our organization wishes to join others who through expression or direct action. If you’d like to promote your efforts to help restrain the violence in these streets feel free to contact this site or any of our representatives and we’d love to build with you because we got to chill with all this destroying.

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We’d love to showcase new talents and if you feel some of your favorites of this year are being overlooked, go head and put us on, especially with this particular list — if you know of anyone creatively who is making statements against violence in general and violence in Chicago in particular, please pass it on to us. Raps, songs, poetry, podcasts, whatever, we’d appreciate it.

Bonus: Below are YouTube links of three more of my favorite anti-gun/anti-violence hip-hop records that can not be found on Soundcloud.

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