Preview: Big-Time Guests Coming Saturday on D and Davis

It doesn’t take much guts to challenge Shaq to a free-throw contest, but to go down to the wire with him does take some skill and boldness and “Inside Stuff” host Kristen Ledlow has that in spades. “The D and Davis Show” will welcome the fly and spunky Ledlow to the show Saturday to talk about the classic NBA TV show and her live covering the NBA.

Also on with us this Saturday will be long-time Cleveland sportswriter and radio host Branson Wright of the Plain Dealer to chop it up with the guys about all the wild goings-on in his city regarding LeBron, Johnny Football and everything else.

Both of our special guests will be on during the new third hour of the show, remember D & Davis is now on from 11 am-2pm every Saturday at

Shake off your hangover with us and get into some of Chicago’s best sports talk and make sure to dial 312-564-7373 to join the show and follow the show on twitter @DandDavisShow. Also, check out re-airings on and subscribe to the show on iTunes for D and Davis and all other Regal programs on demand.


D And Davis Saturday Logo 11 AM 2 PM

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