Baseball: New Nike Ad Honors Derek Jeter Heading into Final ASG

No argument can be be made for any story heading into tonight’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game that can trump it being the final all-star hurrah for Derek Jeter, No. 2, the Captain and all that.

Yes, indeed, Jeter goes down as one of the defining athletes of his generation and this ad stands as a suitable tribute to him and the whole internet has bowed to it, it’s already creeping up on 2.5 million YouTube views after being posted a day ago.

In the ad Jeter goes about another plate appearance stoically after tipping his helmet slightly, a trademark. In response, the entire Yankee Stadium does it as does many other luminaries across the country representing New York, sports in general, entertainment and even rivals like the Mets and Red Sox. A short list of my favorite cameos:

Spike Lee

Carmelo Anthony

Tiger Woods

Action Bronson

Phil Jackson


Joe Torre and other Jeter-era Yanks

Michael Jordan

Not surprising to see Mike in this ad as Jeter has really done more heavy lifting than any other athlete to hold up the Jordan Nike brand outside of he himself. Not sure, but this may count as the only Nike ad featuring their three most established spokesmen, with Tiger being the third.

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