Hip-Hop: Listen to WARR’s New Weekly Playlist, The Regal Selector

As you continue to slog through your Monday, know that your boys at Regal Radio got just what you need to help you through the rest of your week — holiday shortened or not — in the form of our first Regal Selector playlist. Here we pay tribute to some of the great pairs of MCs who have made their mark in hip-hop.

At Regal we like to hit you in pairs with our shows, which include “D and Davis” and “The Varsity Show” featuring Champ and Pharoah, so this was a natural way to start this feature. Make sure to keep following us on Soundcloud for more new playlists each Monday.

Make sure to like, repost and leave comments here or on Soundcloud and we’d love to showcase new talents, so if you want to put us on to something raw or fresh feel free to, but if you try to spam us all day though, we’ll come find ya ass.

BONUS: We also have to show some love to 9th Wonder for his salute to the recently passed soul legend Bobby Womack. In his “Farewell to the Soul Man,” 9th showed just how deep an influence Womack’s vocals and production was to his soulful boom-bap style, which has made heads nod for over a decade.

Fervent 9th/Little Brother fans will recognize a few of these beats, including “Speed” from The Listening, the incredible banger known as “Hiding Place” from The Minstrel Show and the unreleased classic “I See Now,” which featured Kanye West and Consequence.

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