Watch: New Bull Doug McDermott Plays Horse with 99 Regular Folks

As it would turn out, Doug McDermott and the Chicago Bulls were a fit both sides were determined to see happen.

The Bulls acquired McDermott, the 11th pick in last night’s NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets, by trading their two first round picks (Nos. 16, 19) to Denver for the former Creighton star’s rights as well as nobody Anthony Randolph, who’s existence in the deal further proves just how insistent the consensus of Gar Forman, John Paxson and Tom Thibodeau was in making McDermott the newest Bull.

In the erstwhile “Dougie Fresh,” the Bulls get an NBA-ready shooter, a coaches son who knows how to work under a hard-ass (the aforementioned elder McDermott), who knows how to win and who took the time to develop himself in college — all traits valued by Bulls management.

And did I mention he’s an NBA-ready shooter? Anyone who saw McDermott for a time in college could see that, but the random assortment of people in the video above got to see it up close prior when he was in town for workouts prior to the draft in this event sponsored by Peanut M&Ms.

Beating everyday Chicagoans in H-O-R-S-E doesn’t mean a thing regarding whether he’ll be the needed offensive reserve threat the Bulls need to make needed second half runs, but it does show that the kid is ready for prime time product placement and that he stands to become a fan favorite in the city.

Common once gave up on the Bulls because they had too many white boys, but that’ll never be an issue with the Chi at large — plus he’s big, Midwestern and can shoot? Sign us up.

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