Baseball: Rocker Tom Morello Offers His Plan to Save Cubs

Tom Morello

Tom Morello

Rock revolutionists — your time back in the spotlight is now.

The hardest of the hardcore socialists in 1990s music (and still the best band to do the rap-rock thing), Rage Against the Machine still has a way of shaking things up.

Lead vocalist Zack de la Rocha is mixing it up with one of the best acts in the rap game today and the other guy you’d recognize from the group, the one who didn’t try so much to look like Bob Marley and Che Guevara’s offspring — Tom Morello — is doing Theo Epstein’s job for him.

In a seven-point plan he wrote out for USA Today’s “For the Win” blog, Morello — a life-long Cubs fan and Chicago area native — turned his eye, typically trained on crooked politicians and corrupt corporations, onto the sad-sack organization he roots for every summer.

Morello’s plan makes for a good read, he’s not Bill James (or even our guy Kevin Luchansky) but he is articulate and passionate and I’m sure his plan for Cubs salvation is the only one that includes a passage on stopping racism throughout Cubbie nation (uh-oh…).

Take a look below at the intro.


By Tom Morello

I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. I grew up in Libertyville, Illinois and attended my first game at Wrigley Field when I was four. My dear Aunt Isabelle, who got me into the Cubs, lived 82 years and never saw a World Series victory. A total of 106 years have gone by without a title and this October won’t be any different. Since our last near miss in 2003 we’ve had to endure our cross town rival White Sox winning the title, our arch-nemesis St. Louis Cardinals winning it twice, and the formerly Other Cursed Team, The Boston Red Sox, winning it three freakin’ times. For 46 of my 50 years I have been cheering and hoping and crying. And I’ve had enough.

The following is my Seven Point Program For The Chicago Cubs To Win The World Series:

(In order to win it all it will take a concerted effort of Ownership, Players, and Fans.)

Read the rest at For the Win.

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