Watch: Scoop B Schools Arise TV on the World Cup

It can be hard for us here to keep up with our guy Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson.

Just when you think you got a hold on him — “he’s a hoop guy, look at him all in the mix with the Commish…” — Scoop jukes you into another direction, this time dropping knowledge on the always anticipated FIFA World Cup, which kicks off next month in maybe the greatest place it can be held, Brazil.

Make sure to check out Arise TV as well, a diverse and independent news force doing good work throughout the world.

And to get you further charged on the upcoming big futbol tourney, check ESPN’s well-produced commercial for their coverage it does what all good, enticing trailers do — provides quick cuts, sweeping shots of exotic scenery, a few half-dressed beach bodies and even an crocodile (or an alligator? I can never tell) at the end. Should be fun.

Of course, we can’t forget to give B props on his first big feature in the Source Magazine proper. Scoop has been holding it down with small features and event coverage on their web site but in his feature for their latest issue he offered a playoff preview and took on the issue of ACL injuries in the NBA, an issue we’ve been acutely aware of in Chicago the past couple years. Check a link to that below.

The Bad Boys of Spring/On Bended Knee — The Source

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