Watch: NBA Stars Pay Tribute to the Black Fives

The movement celebrating and promoting the legacy of black basketball teams established during segregated times prior to the foundation of the NBA, known as “Black Fives,” has picked up steam with the continuing success of an exhibit currently at the New York Historical Society.

Claude Johnson, director of the Black Fives Foundation, has furthered its profile with stories in the New York Times and Slam recently, among others, but WARR was hip to the game early, talking to Johnson prior to the exhibit’s opening with Brandon Robinson (ed. note: stay tuned for more WARR Q&As soon).

In the YouTube playlist above, you can see the Black Fives Foundation’s’ series of informative segments it produced with Fox Sports Net affiliates for Black History Month, featuring NBA stars from the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers and (ironically) the Los Angeles Clippers, among others giving testimonials of Black Five-era standout players and teams, explicitly laying out the ties today’s NBA maintain with these forefathers.

Besides providing great slices of sports history, the 15 videos are only about 10 minutes long save the intrusive YouTube ads, a good way to spend your lunch break list is getting larger, with Johnson telling WARR he’s uploaded more videos including Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Kevin Martin, Jrue Holiday, Chauncey Billups, and Brandon Jennings … still a good way to spend lunch.

Speaking of the Clippers, feel free to check out Johnson’s smart post on the Black Fives website in response to Donald Sterling, describing 11 instances where blacks and whites worked together in basketball prior to the NBA’s existence.

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