Watch: Damian Lillard Steals the Houston Rockets’ Soul

We offer this just cause, basically cause its the greatest thing to come about in the greatest round of the NBA playoffs ever. This first round has been the closest the Association has come to rivaling the complete roller coaster of emotions one can see during opening weekends of the NCAA tournament at its best.

And we still got the best day of Game 7s the NBA has seen coming later today. And another two to wash our stuffed basketball gullets down with on Sunday.

And Damian Lillard’s walk-off 3 to put his Portland Trail Blazers in the second round for the first time since 2000 will still be the definitive moment of this year’s first round. If there is a heaven for coaches, Dr. Jack has done a couple laps around it in the hours since.

This is also a needed PSA for NBA teams: don’t ever let the ballsiest player on the court flash out past the 3-point line without an escort when his team is only down two, no matter how little time is on the clock. He will kill you, and talk down on you afterwards on the PA. He is from Oakland, after all.

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