NBA: Watch Scoop B Grill the Commish About Sterling

Ed. note: Certainly, one of the best moments in the crazy swirl of media attention created by Donald Sterling was seeing our guy “Scoop B” Brandon Robinson step to the mike to ask NBA commissioner Adam Silver a question, which you can see above.

Brandon could have asked just about anything and it wouldn’t have mattered, people were bound to fixate on his stating that he’s from The Source (might not have got as much grief if he mentioned where he contributes to second-most) or his particular likeness to Kenan Thompson (though I laughed most on Twitter when I heard Steve McQueen brought up).

Still, like the serious journo he is, Scoop came with a good question, don’t sleep and pay attention. Don’t sleep on the low key historical moment either. Now the only thing left is to in fact see if he makes “SNL” this week.

And since we’re still on the subject, one last word on the events of this week from the big homie. Clippers and Warriors back in action tonight, btw.

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